SpinUOC 2018: The stage where everything is possible

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SpinUOC - Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)

Last month held a special date for UbiK: 14 June was the day when SpinUOC —the annual knowledge transfer and entrepreneurship conference at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC)— was held. And this year, the sixth edition of the event, managed to beat records both in terms of attendance and applications to take part.

As in previous years, and thanks to the trust placed in us by the UOC, the UbiK team was involved throughout the process of organising SpinUOC. As usual, the event involved eight members of the university, who were given just five minutes to present an entrepreneurial project with a high level of innovation to an audience of nearly 300 people.

At UbiK, we designed the event from start to finish. This year we set up the SpinUOC event with the logo, "The stage where everything is possible". “Everything” including magic, which featured at the conference to the delight of the attendees. We invited the magician Joaquin Matas, who dazzled the audience with some tricks in which the classic card and coins tricks were replaced by tablets and phones. We also worked on the writing the script and took care of the music. As is tradition, Òscar Dalmau led the event for another year running, with his natural charm and know-how. The Leyla duo were also on hand this year to provide the entertainment for the evening, with their acoustic versions of pop and soul music, creating a very intimate and familiar atmosphere.

We were also involved in publicising the event. For example, we were involved in producing a promotional video, which offered a glimpse into the role played by magic in this year’s conference. In addition, we carried out specific actions for the media to create a real impact, at an event in which innovation, talent and effort go hand in hand.

But what we are most proud of is the support that, thanks to the UOC, UbiK was able to offer the eight entrepreneurs who took part in the evening. Our mission was to facilitate the difficult task of creating a pitch that was both effective and attractive. To do this, the eight participants received communication training during the months of April, May and June, learning how to speak in public, talk to investors and communicate key messages to the press.

We would like to offer our most sincere congratulations to the eight protagonists of this year’s event, who for us are the true winners of the day. We wish you all the very best and hope to see your projects grow and flourish. Because ideas as bright as yours make "everything is possible" seem more possible than ever.

Environmental communication strategy

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 Foto post Uría 020718 tamany 680x420

The international law firm Uría Menéndez recently asked us to collaborate on an environmental communication strategy for an energy company in undergoing a communication crisis.

Environmental communication is a key aspect for any energy company, as it is very important to offer a transparent and frank disclosure of the company’s activities, as well as their environmental impact. A suitable communication strategy can project an image of reliability and commitment to the environment, providing public authorities, the local population, environmental associations, customers, employees and the media with details of the work the company carries out on a daily basis.

In order to successfully achieve these goals, we worked with environmental lawyers to draft scientific and technical reports that maintain scientific rigor while offering communication messages adapted to different audiences, such as government authorities or citizens. In addition, we offered strategic advice and communication crisis management support to make sure the company's work was brought to the attention of locals and environmental associations, ensuring the company is perceived as environmentally friendly and committed to society.

We hope that our contribution has helped to strike the right note with citizens, as well as easing the task of the law firm representing the company.

Digital communication for the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation

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 La Caixa difusió digital Mockup Def

Two months ago, UbiK media took over as the new digital communication agency for the Corporate Research and Strategy Department at the "la Caixa" Banking Foundation (FBLC). This means we are now responsible for communication strategy and creating all the digital content for the department.

Our objective is to give greater visibility to the numerous scientific research programmes run by the Foundation, positioning it as a reference point for research and innovation in southern Europe. At Ubik media we have devised a digital communication strategy to achieve this, with a plan that aims to share R+I results and build a community involving both research centres and the general public.

Our newly drawn-up communication strategy features an in-depth analysis of different FBLC target audiences and integrates a number of different channels and types of digital content.

During these first few weeks we have begun to shape what will be the new CaixaCiencia blog, putting a structure in place for unpublished information and giving it a new look and design. In addition, we have taken the reins of the current blog and Twitter, producing impressive and interesting content aimed at both the research community and the general public.

The FBLC chose us because Ubik media is highly specialised in communications for research and innovation. We hope that our enthusiasm for a job well-done will build a community of followers who are motivated and committed to the research the Foundation makes possible.

Open music at RedOTRI

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Sin título-1

On 17-18 May, Barcelona hosted the RedOTRI Annual Conference, which brought together representatives from the Offices for Research Transfer (OTRI) of more than 80 Spanish universities.

Organised by all the universities in Catalonia, the conference revolved around the key role of the OTRIs in the new innovation model of universities. This model seeks to forge an ecosystem involving the whole society (citizens, companies, civil society, etc.) within the research process.

Our role consisted in conceptualising the programme, as well as designing an inspiring activity in which music played a central role. The activity acted as a metaphor for OTRIs, for their "orchestra director" role in the innovation ecosystem of universities. Directed by the musician Santi Carcasona, the activity coordinated more than 150 participants playing diverse melodic and percussion instruments. Through music, the workshop highlighted the conference topics and culminated with a joint interpretation of several well-known songs.

Analysis and diagnosis of the UOC’s knowledge transfer

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Trans jpg

There is a growing trend towards the alignment of the knowledge generated within the university with both the present and future needs of the society. Being aware of this, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) has commissioned us to help them articulate their knowledge transfer and innovation activities in a transversal and comprehensive organisational model.

Faced with such an enriching project, the first thing we have done has been to develop a framework document to reflect on the current trends and the recent evolution of the term "knowledge transfer" in academic reference environments.

This exercise has allowed us to define the guiding questions for a series of interviews with all UOC’s key actors in transfer and innovation. Their answers have been essential to identify what are the mechanisms through which the university transfers its technology and knowledge towards society. After some joint analyses and reflections with a group of UOC leaders, the result has been the definition of a proposal for actions that we hope will be useful to systematise the knowledge exchange of the university and to consolidate its role in social transformation.

Videos about the watermarking technology developed by the UOC

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Recently patented in the US, a watermarking technology has been developed by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), which allows to embed extra information imperceptible for the user in audio and video signals. This information can be recovered from a mobile device for several purposes, such as marketing or intellectual property.

Developed by researchers within the KISON group, this new technology offers several advantages, such as higher capacity for embedding data in audio and video signals, and higher fidelity and robustness even under adverse conditions.

Made in collaboration with MinifilmsTV, the videos explain how the watermarking technology works, what innovation it offers regarding existing solutions and the versatility of uses it offers.

"Innoturisme a Tarragona" awards

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On 20 February, the Diputación de Tarragona (DIPTA) held the event that put an end to a process lasting five months. It consisted of an open innovation process aiming at identifying solutions to a challenge related to the family vacations along Tarragona’s coast.

"Innoturisme a Tarragona: del repte a la solució" is an initiative organised by the DIPTA and Hubbik, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) platform to support for entrepreneurship. We have been involved in the process from its starting point. We have conceptualised and organised the award ceremony, together with Niugràfic we have transformed the winner projects into infographics, and in collaboration with Anna Mitjà we have captured the whole process in video.

Conducted by the Tarragona-born presenter and monologist Enric Company, the event served as a launching platform for the winning solutions, as well as a networking space for the community of innovators.

We would like to congratulate all the awardees, and we wish that more initiatives such as this one will continue promoting collaborative work in offering solutions to real problems that have a direct impact in our society.

Dissemination campaign for the call for proposals in health research of "la Caixa" Foundation

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convo salut web

The “la Caixa” Banking Foundation launched at the end of 2017 a call for proposals to finance research projects in biomedicine with a total amount of €12 million. The initiative is part of its strategy to support cutting-edge research in health sciences in all phases: from researchers training to market transfer.

In order to disseminate the new call for proposals, two informative sessions were set up in January in Barcelona and Madrid to present the grants and to address questions from the attendants. From UbiK we were responsible for defining the content of the emailing campaigns. We also made a dissemination plan and an active follow-up of the assistance to ensure researchers and managers of all relevant biomedical centres were informed.

Held at CosmoCaixa Barcelona and CaixaForum Madrid, the sessions were both a success, as will also be the call for proposals, one of the most ambitious private research funding initiatives in Europe.

New website for Hubbik, the UOC’s entrepreneurship programme

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Post Hubbik web

Hubbik is the platform of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) aimed at promoting entrepreneurship, innovation and knowledge transfer to the market and society. Its continuous growth in the recent years claimed for a new website able to show and integrate the variety of services it offers.

After a very motivating process with its team, the result is this new website in which the UOC style is adapted to fulfil the needs of the project in highlighting all the services and programs it offers.

In fact, it has been a pleasure to participate in all stages of the project: from conceptualization to design and development. In addition, we have been in charge of the information architecture and the different types of pages, as well as in devising, generating and uploading contents. And all this to create this new digital space, which offers the clarity and versatility that a service platform in constant growth like Hubbik needs.

Annual Report for the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences

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In January we delivered the 2016-2017 Annual Report of the Faculty of Psychology and Education Sciences of the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC). The document brings up the most outstanding activity of the Faculty in the last two years in relation to training, research and dissemination. The report is to be used mainly online, although we also worked on a version to be printed.

We have been in charge of structuring and making visible the milestones achieved by the Faculty, ranging from the implementation of new degrees to the increase of their research activity in areas such as social action, psychology and health, and the relation between education and ICT. The design of the report, developed in collaboration with Niugrafic, is based on the new brand and corporate colours recently adopted by the UOC.

It has been a pleasure to see how the excellent work of this great team has had its pay off in recent years, and we wish them many successes for the future.