IRB Annual Report 2015

Written by UbiK media. Posted in Proyectos

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IRB15 post

This year we had the pleasure to collaborate again with the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB), which keeps on doing successful and high level science. As we did last year, our project consisted on structuring, designing and developing a practical and clear website to show the milestones achieved by the Centre in 2015.

One of the strongest points of the website is that it shows the main achievements through a graphical grid, which allows to have a quick overview at IRB’s activity at a glance. Additionally, we kept showing the Centre’s most relevant facts and figures in a visual and attractive way.

We believe the outcome is very clear and usable, and we worked again in collaboration with Latent Studio and 3iPunt. You can have a look at the result by clicking in the following link.