Analysis and diagnosis of the UOC’s knowledge transfer

Written by UbiK media. Posted in Proyectos

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There is a growing trend towards the alignment of the knowledge generated within the university with both the present and future needs of the society. Being aware of this, the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC) has commissioned us to help them articulate their knowledge transfer and innovation activities in a transversal and comprehensive organisational model.

Faced with such an enriching project, the first thing we have done has been to develop a framework document to reflect on the current trends and the recent evolution of the term "knowledge transfer" in academic reference environments.

This exercise has allowed us to define the guiding questions for a series of interviews with all UOC’s key actors in transfer and innovation. Their answers have been essential to identify what are the mechanisms through which the university transfers its technology and knowledge towards society. After some joint analyses and reflections with a group of UOC leaders, the result has been the definition of a proposal for actions that we hope will be useful to systematise the knowledge exchange of the university and to consolidate its role in social transformation.