Environmental communication strategy

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The international law firm Uría Menéndez recently asked us to collaborate on an environmental communication strategy for an energy company in undergoing a communication crisis.

Environmental communication is a key aspect for any energy company, as it is very important to offer a transparent and frank disclosure of the company’s activities, as well as their environmental impact. A suitable communication strategy can project an image of reliability and commitment to the environment, providing public authorities, the local population, environmental associations, customers, employees and the media with details of the work the company carries out on a daily basis.

In order to successfully achieve these goals, we worked with environmental lawyers to draft scientific and technical reports that maintain scientific rigor while offering communication messages adapted to different audiences, such as government authorities or citizens. In addition, we offered strategic advice and communication crisis management support to make sure the company's work was brought to the attention of locals and environmental associations, ensuring the company is perceived as environmentally friendly and committed to society.

We hope that our contribution has helped to strike the right note with citizens, as well as easing the task of the law firm representing the company.