Digital communication for @caixaciencia and @caixafellowships, “la Caixa” Foundation

Digital communication for @caixaciencia and @caixafellowships, “la Caixa” Foundation

In April 2018, “la Caixa” Banking Foundation chose us as its new communication strategy agency, putting us in charge of creating all the digital content for the Strategic Planning and Research Department. We used this project to work out a digital communication strategy with two clear objectives. On the one hand, our goal was to share the knowledge gained from research and innovation, and on the other hand, we wanted to create links between people and collaborative research centres.

With these objectives in mind, we analysed the different target audiences of “La Caixa” Banking Foundation in greater depth, and integrated their different media channels and digital content. We took the reins of their blog and twitter account and we decided to focus on exciting R&I content that could be of interest for both the research community and the general public.

From this point on, we focused on strengthening audiovisual production by creating numerous videos and GIFs, as well as increasing the number of tweets. We put networking strategies in place and created an active community around CaixaCiencia.

This has led to greater visibility for the large number of scientific research programmes that “la Caixa” Foundation makes possible, contributing to its position as a leading hub for research and innovation in southern Europe.

In January 2020, the foundation also entrusted us with the digital channels corresponding to the activity related to the scholarships they award as well as the successes achieved by the fellows of this community of excellence called CaixaFellowships.