Digital communication for the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation

Digital communication for the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation

Two months ago, UbiK media took over as the new digital communication agency for the Corporate Research and Strategy Department at the “la Caixa” Banking Foundation (FBLC). This means we are now responsible for communication strategy and creating all the digital content for the department.

Our objective is to give greater visibility to the numerous scientific research programmes run by the Foundation, positioning it as a reference point for research and innovation in southern Europe. At Ubik media we have devised a digital communication strategy to achieve this, with a plan that aims to share R+I results and build a community involving both research centres and the general public.

Our newly drawn-up communication strategy features an in-depth analysis of different FBLC target audiences and integrates a number of different channels and types of digital content.

During these first few weeks we have begun to shape what will be the new CaixaCiencia blog, putting a structure in place for unpublished information and giving it a new look and design. In addition, we have taken the reins of the current blog and Twitter, producing impressive and interesting content aimed at both the research community and the general public.

The FBLC chose us because Ubik media is highly specialised in communications for research and innovation. We hope that our enthusiasm for a job well-done will build a community of followers who are motivated and committed to the research the Foundation makes possible.