Science communication training for proEVLifeCycle

Science communication training for proEVLifeCycle

In November 2022 we concluded the science communication training programme we started three years ago for proEVLifeCycle, a multidisciplinary research and training network funded by a Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant from the Horizon 2020 framework programme.

With the participation of 10 universities, research centres and companies from Austria, Spain, France, the Netherlands, the UK, and under the leadership of the Erasmus University Medical Centre in Rotterdam, this network investigates the life cycle of extracellular vesicles in prostate cancer in search of new biomarkers and treatments.

Ubik designed a tailor-made training programme to improve the communication skills of early-career researchers. The workshops we provided allowed them to:

  • address the internal communication needs of their team;
  • learn strategies and techniques to improve their presentations to peers and expert audiences;
  • practise how to tailor messages to different audiences;
  • know the ins and outs of the main communication channels;
  • develop communication strategies to increase the visibility of research and innovation activity;
  • practise pitching their projects to funding agencies, companies and investors.

The first workshops were held virtually due to the situation imposed by the COVID-19 that impacted the project from the beginning, but we were fortunate to be able to deliver the last workshop in person in Barcelona. For us, it was very enriching to close this chapter seeing the progress of the participants of this programme and meet them in person after months of on-screen interactions.