Ideation and organization of the new eHealth What If Forum

Ideation and organization of the new eHealth What If Forum

The UOC’s eHealth Center (eHC) launched the first edition of the ‘eHealth What If Forum’ at the end of 2021. This annual event was created with the aim of providing a meeting place for reflection and debate on health challenges, as well as technological solutions that contribute to improving citizens’ quality of life.

In this case, Ubik accompanied the eHC from the initial ideation of the event, as well as its organization and dissemination. Each edition is based on a question that begins: “What would happen if…?”, to draw more optimal scenarios for health and well-being.

Taking into account the pandemic, the question that gave title to the first edition of the UOC’s ‘What If Forum’ could not be other than “What if the digitization accelerated by COVID-19 allowed us to transform health systems?”. The debate focused on the policies and actions needed to achieve an effective digital health transformation in response to the pandemic.

The first ‘What If Forum’ combined virtual sessions, which facilitated the participation of experts from all over Spain and Latin America, with a hybrid session focused on the digitization of the digital system in Catalonia.
To learn more about the What If Forum 2021, we invite you to watch the videos we made to present the What If Forum 2021 and the making of this discussion series.

We are excited about the outcome of this first edition and eager to discover what questions the What If Forum will propose next year.