Promotional videos to publicize the Science4Pandemics video game

Promotional videos to publicize the Science4Pandemics video game

In November 2022, we were contracted by ISGlobal and Hospital Sant Joan de Deu to create a series of videos to promote their newly released video game for the Science4Pandemics project, funded by EIT Health.

In the promotional videos that we created, we asked a group of young people what actions they would take if a new pandemic came to town. The results were shared on social media to help promote the game, which is still in its testing phase. 

The Science4Pandemics project  aims to engage the public in the scientific process, and teach them about the decisions that need to be made to prevent and manage pandemics. To achieve this, a digital game has been created that recreates a pandemic. As a mysterious disease spreads through the community, users – playing the role of a researcher, doctor, mayor, banker, or journalist – are faced with different choices of action. Each decision – supported by the latest scientific evidence – affects the course of the pandemic, and educates the user in the process.

It was very interesting to hear what the boys and girls we invited to participate in our videos had to say. The video recording turned into a short experiment on decision making that demonstrates not only how important it is to understand how a disease spreads before making decisions to control it, but also that these decisions often integrate other factors such as empathy or even ethical concerns.

We want to give our warmest thanks to ISGlobal, Hospital Sant Joan de Deu and the Science4Pandemics project for trusting in us. And last but not least, a huge thanks to all the young people who participated in this video and shared their insights! Who knows, you could someday be helping prevent the next pandemic. 😉