Strategy and digital communication for the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation’s CaixaResearch and Fellowship Programmes

Strategy and digital communication for the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation’s CaixaResearch and Fellowship Programmes

In January 2023, the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation once again placed its trust in us. After over five years of collaboration, they once again selected us to define their communication strategy and create digital content for the Research and Health area (CaixaResearch) and the Fellowship program for the next three years.

For years, the ‘la Caixa’ Foundation has been a benchmark in Southern Europe for promoting research and innovation in health and biomedicine. Its Fellowship programme, one of the most competitive offered by a private entity, supports the talents and careers of thousands of outstanding students and researchers at top universities and research centres in Spain and around the world.

In 2023, their challenges once again became ours: (1) Continue to strengthen its reputation as a leader in promoting research, innovation and training excellence; (2) Foster a sense of community among CaixaResearch grantees and researchers; (3) Share their achievements; and (4) Tell their stories.

With these objectives in mind, every year we design a strategic plan that integrates various channels (X, Instagram, LinkedIn, newsletter and blog) and engaging digital content adapted to different audiences, from the specialised community to the general public.

Below is a brief sample of the actions and products developed in the last year together with the marketing and communication team of CaixaResearch and Becas. It’s been a real pleasure! 


We conceptualised and launched News from the Lab, a new video format in which the protagonists are the researchers, who explain their latest findings from their own laboratory. We invite you to discover them.

Likewise, we are also starting a monthly series called CaixaResearch Snapshots. Using a captivating scientific image, we disseminate research and innovation promoted by CaixaResearch. Don’t miss the 10 #CaixaResearch Snapshots of 2023, which offer an inspiring summary of a year at the forefront of science.

CaixaResearch snapshot from October 2023. Based on this image, we explain the results of a study in collaboration with CaixaResearch researcher Luis Serrano, director of the CRG.

But our work goes beyond the screens. Sometimes, we sneak behind the scenes of events to provide a closer experience for the audience. 

During the CaixaResearch Health Meeting 2023, in the gardens of Cap Roig, we talked to leading researchers from Spain and Portugal, who shared the conclusions of their talks in short videos that were published on social networks. You can watch them all here


During the 2023 Research and Health grants award ceremony, we were also backstage to capture the film dynamic and spontaneous interviews with the grantees. 



In the Fellowships programme, we continue to explore new social media formats, with a focus on audiovisual production. We have developed a wide range of videos, carousels and audiograms to tell the inspiring stories of this talented community. We encourage you to visit the Instagram profile.


The “la Caixa” Foundation Fellowships Instagram feed

In a previous post, we told you about the Virtual Meet-ups with the Fellows community, which has now celebrated its 20th edition. Recent topics have included the current situation of the film industry and the world of entrepreneurship, from which we then extracted valuable Tips for…, a new format we created highlighting the key points on a particular topic by an expert. 

During the 2023 Postdoctoral and PhD Fellowships ceremony, we decided to try out a more dynamic format: the ‘Ping-Pong Interview, in which, after answering a question, one fellow passes the baton to another fellow in a series of dynamic questions and answers. With this format, we showcase the diversity of profiles and research areas in the Fellowship program.

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