Video by Eva Nogales, CNIO-Jesús Serra Foundation visiting researcher

Video by Eva Nogales, CNIO-Jesús Serra Foundation visiting researcher

During the first months of 2022, Eva Nogales, the Spanish biophysicist and world pioneer in electronic cryomicroscopy and known as the “cell photographer”, temporarily left her laboratory at the University of California-Berkeley to spend time at the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre (CNIO) under the Jesús Serra Foundation’s Visiting Researchers programme. 

With this programme, the Jesús Serra Foundation, part of the Catalana Occidente Group, promotes collaboration between research centres in Spain and top-level scientists working in other countries. The aim is not only to promote the exchange of knowledge but also to promote new lines of research. 

Taking advantage of Eva Nogales’ stay at the CNIO, we prepared some short videos to give visibility to the Visiting Researchers programme and to raise awareness of Eva Nogales, as well as her collaboration with the CNIO. As Eva is a scientist who is very committed to recognising and giving a voice to women working in science and to awakening scientific vocations among young people, we proposed an interview with girls and young women from Madrid, who were joined by researchers from the CNIO itself.

The result was spectacular thanks to the curiosity and spontaneity of two primary school students, África del Cura and Lulú Quevedo; two high school students, Paloma Fernández and Luisa González; and CNIO researchers Ester Casajús and Marina Serna. 

 We hope you like the video as much as we do!